Public Liability Insurance

A man using a fire extinguisher

Accidents happen and the financial consequences can be devastating. Public Liability insurance covers the compensation you might have to pay your client or a member of the public if you accidentally injure them or damage their property when working. There will always be the need to work away from your own business premises. This might include fire risk assessments and fire safety training at your customer’s premises, sales presentations, attending networking events etc. Some Insurers actually restrict cover to risks associated with your business premises only and do not extend cover to include work that is undertaken away from your premises! Arranging Public Liability Insurance will cover the defence costs as well as the compensation that might become payable if you lose a claim.

What cover is available?

Most Insurers offer cover from £2,000,000 any one claim.If you work for Large Blue Chip Companies, Local Authorities, Schools, Universities etc., then £5,000,000 and even £10,000,000 is not uncommon. When your customer insists that you arrange Public Liability cover up to a certain amount, the bottom line is that they want the reassurance that if you injure their employees or damage their property and they need to sue you their claim will be met.

Inefficacy (failure to perform) Insurance

If you supply Fire Safety Products then you may wish to arrange Inefficacy Insurance, which covers your legal liability for the “failure of a product to fulfil its intended function”. Standard Public and Products Liability Insurance policies will exclude claims arising from products that fail to fulfil their intended function. This could happen if a Fire Alarm or Fire Extinguisher does not operate when a fire starts at a customer’s premises. We can arrange Inefficacy (failure to perform) Insurance under a separate bespoke policy with a specialist Insurer.