A fireman with a hoseYou may run your business from home or from office premises, either way it’s sensible to protect your office contents and equipment in the event of accidental loss or damage. If you work from home your household insurance policy may not automatically cover “business risks”, so you should check this with your Insurer.

The cover provided is ‘all risks’ which means that your property is covered for physical damage (accidental or malicious) and all other losses like fire, theft and flood.

What is covered?

Some of the more obvious things are your Fixtures, Fittings, Desks and Chairs but we also include cover for:

Computers and Laptops, Mobile Telephones, Blackberries and Other Electronic Office Equipment (inc. business machines, telephone and fax installations, printers, scanners and photocopiers).

Portable Equipment

This covers the electronic and specialist equipment that you take with you when you are working away from the office such as: laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

It’s important to cover your Portable Equipment because it’s much more likely to get lost, dropped or stolen.

Minimum Security Requirements

The Insurer likes to know that your Office is safe and secure and they ask for a minimum standard of security. They ask that your premises comply with the following security standards:

  1. The Final Exit Door of the Premises be fitted with either:
    for timber or steel framed doors – a mortise deadlock which has 5 or more levers or conforms to BS3621:1980 specification for thief resistant locks and matching boxed striking plate
    for aluminium or UPVC framed doors – a cylinder operated mortise deadlock or a deadlocking multi-point locking system
  2. All other external doors and all internal doors giving access to any part of the buildings not occupied by the Insured for the purpose of the Business be fitted with either:
    any of the locking arrangements as specified above in accordance with the construction of the door frame
    two key–operated security bolts for doors one fitted approximately 30cm from the top of the door and the other approximately 30cm from the bottom
  3. All ground floor and basement opening windows/skylights and other opening windows/skylights accessible from roofs decks balconies fire escapes canopies or down pipes are to be fitted with key-operated window locks. This requirement does not apply to windows/skylights which are protected by solid steel bars grilles lockable gates expanded metal or weld-mesh provided agreement has been obtained from the Company and is stated on the Schedule.
  4. Any door or window officially designated a fire exit by the fire authority is excluded from these requirements.
  5. Each item of electronic equipment with an individual replacement value of £1000 or greater must be:
    permanently and prominently marked with the post code of the Premises and either the owner’s name or company logo
    securely anchored to the desk work station or to the structure of the building by a hold down device approved by the Company the keys to which have been removed from the Premises or contained in a securely locked safe the keys to which have been removed from the Premises.

Property Removed from the Premises:

Cover is provided for theft from an unattended vehicle subject to all equipment being out of sight from the exterior of the vehicle and that all protections fitted to the vehicle are in full and effective use further Cover is restricted to losses that occur between the hours of 6.00am and 9.00pm.

There are acceptable alternatives to the above so if you don’t comply contact us and we will be happy to discuss these in more detail with you.

Contact us on 01837 55777 or send an email to: info@fireprofessionalsinsurance.co.uk