We can provide a quotation to include live fire training. If this has been agreed, the Insurer would require that certain procedures are followed by you and your employees when undertaking live fire training. The policy would be subject to your compliance with the following live fire training warranty:

Live Fire Training Warranty

A man using a fire extinguisher

  1. The training is undertaken outside in a clear area free of all combustible material to a distance of at least a 5 m radius.
  2. Training situations must be risk assessed.
  3. Trainees must be dressed appropriately (no loose clothing / long hair to be tied back) and given the option to wear protective glasses & a hard hat. PPE should be used when specified by the risk assessment.
  4. Any persons not using the fire extinguishers must maintain a distance of at least 2.5 metres from the fire.
  5. The live fire shall be contained within an industry standard metal containment unit.
  6. Any Gas cylinder (butane or propane) fires must be attached by regulators conforming to BS3016 or BSEN12864 or equivalent.
  7. Tubing conforming to BS3212 or BSEN1763 or equivalent.
  8. All Gas cylinders must conform to and have current BSEN1440 2005 certification.
  9. At least two additional extinguishers separate to the demonstration capable of handling a Class C fire must be present within 2.50m of the live fire.
  10. All self employed persons under contract undertaking Live Fire Training have relevant qualifications or at least 3 years relevant experience.