Additional Insurances

When you have arranged your Professional Indemnity Insurance there are other additional insurance that you should also consider. We can offer you very competitive terms for any of the following additional insurances:

Public Liability (PL) Insurance

to cover you should you accidentally damage a customers property or cause bodily injury when conducting your business. Often PL is a compulsory requirement if you work in local authority premises and, increasingly, large organisations will require you to arrange this cover.

Employers Liability (EL) Insurance

It is compulsory if you employ anyone under a PAYE contract, or use self-employed consultants who are working under your supervision, to arrange EL insurance. EL Insurance covers your legal liability as an employer for any injury, disease or death systained by your employees during the course of their employment.

Office Insurance

to cover premises, equipment and contents against all risks including fire, theft and accidental damage. We can arrange cover for your home office or office premises.

Commercial Crime Insurance

to protect you against fraud by employees and third parties

Management Liability Insurance

If you are a LImited Company owner, this protects your personal assets should claims be brought against you for ‘wrongfl acts’ arising out of your capacity as a director or officer of the company.

How can we help you?

We are here when you need us. Why not call us to arrange an informal discussion about your insurance needs. We can learn more about you and your business and we can advise you on what additional insurances you need to protect what’s important to you.

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